Copyright Fundamentals

Copyright, what can be copyrighted, how long, and the legality of copyright. Below are the most important chapters to review. As well as significant moments in copyright and a tool to differentiate Copyright and Fair Use.

Copyright Law of the U.S.

  • Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright
  • Chapter 2: Copyright Ownership and Transfer
  • Chapter 3: Duration of Copyright
  • Chapter 10: Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media
  • Chapter 11: Sound Recordings and Music Videos
  • Chapter 12: Copyright Protection and Management Systems
  • Appendix A: The Copyright Act of 1976
  • Appendix B: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998

TEACH Act by MaryBeth Peters

TEACH ACT by MaryBeth Peters before the Senate Committee of the Judiciary

Teaching Copyright to YA


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