Scholarship& Authorship Rights

Authors whether self published, scholarly, and publishers have various options (Open Access or OA, Creative Commons, etc..) and rights. Various tools, sites, and permissions information are listed below.


Risk Management

Risk Management, SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Understanding what is in the Public Domain, Fair Use, copyright infringement and what isn’t. How to determine want is allowed and what isn’t. Guidelines, tools, and articles for better practice.

Copyright for Multimedia Formats

Copyright information concerning multimedia formats: Music, Video, Images, DMCA or (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Also concerning Online Learning, MOOCs, ADA,mobile devices, and video games/gaming.

Permissions, Licenses, & Copyright Owners

Copyright permissions, licenses, orphaned works, public domain eligibility and Fair Use.


Public Domain

Public Domain resources including fair use, orphan works, and the sites where works can be accessed for free and freely. Copyright/Public Domain tools/determination tools.

Public Domain Works Sites: 

Libraries & Fair Use

A very specific topic, nonetheless important & an everyday practice. Intellectual property on the internet, copyright and libraries, Fair Use, Electronic reserves,& IFLA.

History of Copyright

History of including Statue of Anne, Timelines, important dates, and Lawrence Lessig: founder of creative commons. Also the U.S. Constitution articles and sections concerning authorship and rights.